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EOS DEVELOPMENTAL SA is a company situated in Athens, Greece and is constitutes as the authorized body for organizing and operating the Collective System of Rewarding Alternative Packaging and Waste Management and Recycling in Greece. The company is working for social responsibility and environmental education. They work in close partnership with Municipalities and schools and organize different National competitions with youth and rewording the best youth recyclers. The enterprise’s mission is to organize, develop and operate at a national level its Collective System, pursuant to Law 2939/2001 ‘Packaging and alternative management of packages and other products-Establishment of a National Organization for Packages and Other Products Alternative Management and other provisions’ and the ministerial decisions and relevant provisions for the enforcement thereof. EOS DEVELOPMENTAL SA and REWARDING RECYCLING is developing by setting up and operating Recycling Centers, consisting of cutting edge technology for ‘Sorting at Source’ empty packages. Similarly, the Collective System is applying specific actions for packaging materials recycling.

The organization and the Local Governmental organizations are working towards:

  • Reinforcement of Social Causes by donating this reward incentive for social causes.
  • Reduction of waste in the city by recycling it into reusable materials
  • Environmental Education capitalizing on Programs targeting specific social groups, such as Recycling Competitions for students or inhabitants of a Municipal Department etc.

The company is using abandoned parking lots to place the separate waste bins and is collecting and transporting the waste free of charge for the Municipality. Project “EQUAL” was Entrepreneurship – Business creation including EOS DEVELOPMENTAL. The budget was approximately 1 500 000 €.  The basic actions of the project are as follows: – Networking and collaboration between services and support structures of vulnerable social groups with parallel diagnosis of particular characteristics, sensitization and information of these groups – Assistance and development of services and systems of information, support, advisory and guidance of vulnerable social groups – Benefit of the completed support for the creation of new enterprises – Management and Evaluation of the project.

The strategy of Partners of Dp, for the achievement of the project’s objectives, lies in their narrow and unhindered collaboration, so that they ensure the representativity and wide impression of their intervention. The effectiveness and the transparency in the application and in the management of their actions, as well as their essential and flexible correspondence in the specifications and in the requirements of Work are key aspects for the successful implementation.


Asociatia Centrul Promovarii Incluziunii Sociala Pakiv

Asociatia Centrul Promovarii Incluziunii Sociala Pakiv (ACPIS Pakiv) are situated in Bucharest in Romania. The objectives of ACPSI Pakiv, are focused on the development and affirmation of the people in specially for Young Roma people from Romania through activities and projects for social policies on the benefit for people with emphasis in the development of the quality of life for the young from Romania.

The scope of their work : is the improvement of the situation of vulnerable groups in Romania through: -education programs; -health programs; -environmental education courses; -training courses in various fields; -Information and advice for finding a job; -Social Inclusion; -Information and counselor. ACPSI Pakiv, has expertise in developing entrepreneurial programs. They developed a program of social inclusion for Young Roma people which included: environmental education in this regard, they produced training manuals for entrepreneurs. ACPSI Pakiv functions as a center that promotes social inclusion of vulnerable people with emphasis on the Roma minority.

Here are some of projects in which the organization participated:

– La Citta Possibile Project – developing the activities of information and counseling for Roma families who were repatriated from Italy through the “La Citta Possibile” in partnership with the City hall of Torino Italy.

-TERNO project – The project TERNO (Teachers Education for Roma New Opportunities in School) is a project co- financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission (Key Activity 1: Roma Multilateral Projects) which aims to set up and implement special support centres in order to support the Roma children that attend the last classes of the elementary school to complete primary education and pass on to the secondary education.

-ROMA MATRIX project – which included activities involving Roma and non-Roma people, reflecting that integration is a two-way process and can’t be achieved only by working with the excluded. They aim at breaking down barriers and have brought Roma and public authorities together. One highly successful and innovative way of doing this is for public authorities to provide mentoring to Roma.

-SERco – Project which included promoting social economy as a way for EU Roma social inclusion, also produced evidence-based analysis and provided Roma mediators with the necessary skills for supporting the sustainability of social enterprises within Roma communities.