Membership in the Association psychologists 

Become a part of the Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria.

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-Program for Career Guidance
-internship programs
-Volunteer shares
-workshops and training
-program for creative reakizatsiya
-group of self exploration and personal experience
-individual and group counseling
-conducting psychological research
-preparation of psychological profiles

As a participant in the association will receive certificates for each visited training, apprenticeship certificates, references when applying for a job opportunity for direct employment in psihlogiyata access various psychological literature and the ability to create multiple personal and professional contacts

To become a member you need: 

To fill out an application for membership, and within a month to pay dues equal to:
– 30BGN  per month or 360BGN per year.

Payment can be made by bank transfer in the name of “Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria” account lev

IBAN BG17PRCB92301022822311


“ProCredit Bank” branch Varna 4

or in the office of the association.

All members who have filled out an application and a contract for volunteering and are actually involved in volunteer activities and initiatives are exempt from paying membership fees.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions for a volunteer and periodic failure to perform voluntary work, the requirement to pay the membership fee is reinstated or the membership is terminated.

Membership may be renewed upon payment of a minimum of one monthly membership fee.

Молба за членство SPB

Agreement eng APB.docx

заявление за доброволец СПБ


декл за клнфиденциалност СПБ