OF Association of Psychologists in BULGARIA


Chl.1.Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria is a voluntary association of psychologists, psychology students and young people interested and involved in psychology.

Article 2 Statute: 
2.1. Its name is “Association of Psychologists in BULGARIA” (APB). It is written in Bulgarian.
2.1.1.APB is a non-profit legal entity with its registered office – Varna Street, “Colonel Kalitin”, № 28, 2nd floor, April 45.
2.1.2. Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria is a non-profit organization for performing community service.
2.1.3. The Association is established for an indefinite period.

II.PRICE, tasks, activities and functions 

Chl.Z. The main objectives of APB are:
3.1. Concern for the future of young people in Bulgaria by assisting them in the process of career development and implementation.
3.2. Protect the professional interests of psychologists and psychology students in the country to support their training and professional development. Resolving issues related to the professional problems of Psychologists in Bulgaria.
3.3. Improving the quality and image of psychology in academia. Special care for psychology students in different universities in the country by informational support, assistance in applying their own projects to various foundations and institutions that support their professional qualification, integration and interaction with other student communities.
3.4. Strengthening and streamlining of contacts and cooperation between psychologists at the national and international level.
3.5. Strengthening the position of psychology as a basic science for the benefit of man and society.
3.6. Experimental and methodological assistance in various areas of public life where psychology has its place: the social sphere, business, education, health, culture, sports, politics and more.
3.7. Support the publication activity of young psychologists by issuing their own publications and maintenance of web-site.
3.8. Joining the capacity of young professionals in Bulgaria in the name of its development and to help the community.
3.9. Achieving and maintaining European standards in the social, scientific, educational and cultural spheres of social life of Bulgaria.

3.10. Maintenance of scientific and organizational links with related scientific societies in Bulgaria, with foreign organizations, institutes and individual researchers abroad.
3.11. Assistance for international exchange programs, academics, literature, equipment and scientific information.
3.12. Interaction with other NGOs in the country and abroad, and all activities will also assist the public interest and not contrary to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Article 4 The main tasks of APB: 
4.1. Establishment of structures / branches / association in Sofia and other cities in the country, consultative, training, thematic and informational sections and centers, working groups and other to coordinate and support the activities of its members.
4.2. Creating a pool of information to be kept and information about job vacancies in the field of psychology.
4.3. Provide any information on the opportunities for professional events for young professionals – psychologists and psychology students.
4.4 Take concrete steps to protect the interests and rights of young psychologists.
4.5 Organization of events supporting professional improvement: trainings, seminars, conferences, discussions on current issues and more. in psychology, social sciences and humanities.
4.6. Creating a working model for information exchange and cooperation among psychologists in the country – students, researchers, application specialists.
4.7. 0siguryavane contacts and cooperation with other professional and community associations, movements and groups related to the goals and objectives of SMPB.
4.8. Participation and implementation of projects in research and public standing – alone or in cooperation with other organizations, institutions and professionals.
4.9. Development of effective international action to involve young psychologists in particular and young people in general to the European and international professional and civic communities.
4.10. Development and implementation of ideas to support civil society in Bulgaria.
4.11. Supporting young people in Bulgaria in personal and professional development.
4.12. Supporting regional development of different areas in Bulgaria through the activities of its branches.
4.13. Implementation of activities in the field of mental health, counseling, prevention, education, social assistance and other services and assistance to the public.

Article 5 Activities. 
5.1. Activity of APB will be done through
5.1.1. Government.
5.1.2.Chambers of the association.
5.1.3. All members and supporters of the association.