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APB Volunteers:


What is philanthropy? – This is a work in APB which aims to motivate free will and desire of the individual, rather than striving for material or financial gain or external (social, economic or political) pressure;
What they get: Certificate and badge for good heart

What is a volunteer? -Volunteer to APB is a person who performs temporary or permanent volunteer for the organization.
Activity at more than 75% of the activities for the six months volunteer is entitled to the benefits described below.
He is obliged to act accordingly fundamental principles of APB and follow the Code of Ethics.
Volunteers APB can be:

– Volunteer providing various social services;

What do you get?

-participation certificates,
-identity card for discount
– Volunteer head;

What do you get?

Certificates of experience (a minimum of 6 months).
Personal Development
identity card for discount
Possible exchange projects abroad
possibility of assistance for job

What is a member? – Can be any Bulgarian or foreign citizenship or person without distinction of race, sex, religion, social status and political views, which recognizes the Statute, shall act in accordance with fundamental principles of APB, observe the Code of Ethics and pay annual dues set by the General Assembly.

Becoming a member is in accordance with the following procedure:

1. Applicant submits a written application / protocol from OS / to the President in which
declares that he is aware of and accepts this Constitution and Code of Ethics.
2. Membership is acquired from the date of the General Meeting
Each member of the Association is obliged:

Comply with the provisions of this Statute and Code to implement the decisions of the governing bodies.
To use all his knowledge and with all his strength and ability to promote the prosperity of the Association.
Participate in the activities and events of the Association.
To cooperate to achieve common goals
To participate with their ideas in discussions to achieve the objectives in the management and execution of specific tasks of the Association.
To be informed of the results and activities of the Association and the performance of the activities of all members
Leave voluntarily Association.

Cancel and off:
Member of the Association can not leave of their own accord after a written request.
Off due to unpaid fees, and in violation of the law, the Code or the Constitution.
Any member who fails to pay the fees 60 days of the specified time period available for the OS decision to exclude