Mission and Goals

Our mission is: 

To improve the quality and image of psychology in Bulgaria

Our goals are: 

-Strengthening the position of psychology as a key science for the benefit of society.
-Seminars, courses, lectures and trainings.
-Familiarize the public with the company and in particular the work of psychologists.
-Promotion of mental health care as equally important as those of the physical.
-Informing the public about the responsibilities and scope of work of the psychologist.
-Caring for the future of young people by assisting them in the process of career development and implementation
-Protect the professional interests of psychologists and psychology students, assistance to address issues related to the professional problems.
-Improving the quality and image of psychology in academia.
-Experimental and methodological assistance in various areas of public life where psychology has its place social sphere, education, health, business, culture, sports, politics and more.
-Support the publication activity of young psychologists by issuing their own publications and maintaining on-line library.
-Achievement and maintenance of European standards in the following areas of public life: social, scientific educational and cultural.
-Interaction with other NGOs in the country and abroad and all activities which do not contravene the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.