Call for participants teaching or training assignments 2023-1-BG01-KA121-ADU-000115419

Dear colleagues, teachers and voluntaries ,

We would like to invite you to attend in  teaching or training assignments, Adult education, Erasmus+ 2023-1-BG01-KA121-ADU-000115419

Between dates:  17.09.2023-24.09.2023 and 2 days of travel

Participants: 3 trainers  in the field of ADULT sector

Place: Hotel  Las Palmerass Spain, Costa del Sol

Address:  C. Martínez Catena, 6, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

Hosting organisation Asociación Para la inteligencia Social – PLIS 

Para La Inteligencia Social – PLIS is a very active association based in Malaga, Andalusia, devoted to fostering professional, personal, and social skills. Our motivation stems from the profound impact we have witnessed over the years through our work with diverse groups. With a shared objective, we strive to conceive, implement, administer, and support projects that revolutionize society. This entails creating spaces that enhance the quality of our relationships with ourselves, others, and nature. At PLIS, we aim to cultivate social and professional skills through an integrated methodology. We are committed to nurturing entrepreneurial and leadership mindsets, social-emotional proficiency, and promoting the engagement of marginalized groups within society. Our approach encompasses self-awareness practices, leadership tools, assertive communication, mindfulness, embodiment, and principles of emotional intelligence. We tailor our methodologies to suit the specific requirements of each project.
PLIS actively engages in training, experiential learning, long-term projects, and research endeavours, with a focus on cultivating professional and personal competencies among social entrepreneurs, educators, and youth workers, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our efforts are consistently guided by principles of sustainability and consciousness.
We strive to align our objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals and the targets outlined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, as well as other pressing issues such as professional skills, emotional intelligence, stress management, mental health, inclusion, diversity, belonging, and happiness.

Erasmus+ supports teaching assignments at adult education organisations abroad. If you work in adult education, you can spend time teaching or providing training at another organisation in an Erasmus+ Programme country. Such experiences and exchanges can help improve language skills and cultural knowledge, as well as providing a new perspective on teaching practices and approaches.

For you to teach abroad with Erasmus+, your adult education organisation must apply to acquire an Erasmus accreditation in the field of adult education or to participate in a short-term mobility project. In both cases, organisation should adhere to a set of quality standards for mobility projects on good management practices, providing quality and support to participants, and sharing results and knowledge about the programme.

Before beginning your teaching period, you, your organisation and the receiving organisation sign a Mobility Agreement. This document sets out your learning goals, rights and responsibilities and also how teaching period will be formally recognised.

Financial support
EU grants are paid to the coordinating organisation (your organisation or a consortium coordinator) and are designed to cover your costs for travel and subsistence during your time abroad, as well as offer organisational support to participating organisations.

In addition, the Erasmus+ programme provides means to support the inclusion of participants with fewer opportunities.


More about the place:


Participants: 3  in the field of ADULT

The selection of participants will last until  30.07.2023. The group will consist of 3 participants

The selection method was chosen for the participants in the mobility, as it will be :

– by submitting a CV and an application

-Minimum B1 English

-to be member or volunteer of AYPB

-to have high motivation

  • the second stage – an interview with a committee.

Please, send your documents on or 5 Nikola Kozlev Str. Varna

Measures will be taken to prevent conflicts of interest with regard to those involved in the selection process for mobility participants.

All submitted documents (CVs and applications) of the candidates will be examined by the Commission and after approval of the first stage, the selected candidates will be invited for an interview. The selection method will ensure the selection of the most suitable participants to promote their knowledge, skills and competences in the field of balance between parenting and the career.



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