Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria organized a Christmas charity campaign for children in need /Orphanage “Princess Hope” Varnа/! It is believed that the Christmas sky opens and everything in an instant light. Let us open our hearts to those in need! Let’s do their Christmas-happy and true! Let this bright holiday to delight kids and see their smiles! Let’s give them items, books, toys and stationery, from which we no longer need. We believe that small Profiles will be extremely happy to receive gifts, which can boast any other child. Let us be-and good-man, let’s make Christmas happy for those who need warmth and affection. Let the magic of the Christmas spirit descends to everyone! May God’s blessing Nativity spirit and warmth to reach the souls of all, to accompany our good thoughts and deeds, make us good and compassionate! Anyone wishing to make a Christmas gift to a child in need to deliver what they want-books, toys, gifts, small gifts, stationery and anything else you want in the office of the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria Аddress: Varna Nikola Kozlev 5, 3rd Floor, Address:Varna, Knyaz Boris 1, 82 – Bookstore “Paragraph 22” and “Independence” Square 1 Dramatic theater – Bookstore “Theater”. Christmas campaign started on 22.11.2013 and ends 20.12.2013. Thank you on behalf of the children!