ERASMUS + 2017, Project ” Social inclusion and professional development”

Project ” Social inclusion and professional development”, ERASMUS + 2017

“Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria” is the leading organization, which is a nonprofit organization designed to help young people and future professionals in the field of psychology , social and pedagogical sciences to inform the public about the responsibilities and their field of activity . Organize seminars, courses , lectures and trainings, provides expert and methodological assistance in various areas of public life where psychology has its place – professional and career consulting, social , education, health , business , culture, sports, politics . Actively working with municipalities, schools , kindergartens, universities, NGOs and others.
This project aims to:
* To develop key skills and to improve the professional competence of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria.
* To improve their knowledge, skills and personal skills for working with older people and people at risk through innovative trainings including in other Member States.
* To exchange best practices for professional and career consulting with well acquired companies and organizations at the European level.
Project Duration – 12 months (2 mobilities x 10 days = 20 days).
Main activities:
1. Organization and Project Management
2. Pre-linguistic and cultural preparation
3. Implementation of mobilities – Greece and Cypros
– Practical Courses and trainings in other EU countries.
4. Information and publicity
Target group: 10 skilled in the art of psychological, social and career counseling to elderly and persons at risk.
Professionals are the main driving force in the ” Social inclusion and professional development” .It provides a series of innovative methods and approaches to stimulate the activity of specialists – training for the development of social skills and organizational behavior , learning in action , working in a multicultural environment , sharing experiences and practices , a study of the training needs of adults working terrain and others. Development of personal qualities will improve and optimize both the workflow and more effectively combat unemployment. Each of these activities will lead to improving the quality of career counseling in Bulgaria and reach the European level. Language and cultural preparation will support intercultural dialogue and European dimension of the project.The project is unique in nature, because his performance includes two different legal forms – industry and NGOs. Interaction allows more wide coverage and utilization of various methods of work.