Project 2020-1-IT03-KA205-017962 – Youth Urban Action , ERASMUS+

Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria (AYPB) is a partner on Project 2020-1-IT03-KA205-017962 – Youth Urban Action , ERASMUS+
Period: from 01/06/2020 to 31/05/2022
Leading organization: Creativi108, Italy
The objectives of the project Youth Urban Action focus on two of these key points: Participation and Equality. The European organizations involved should create the conditions for young people with special needs to realize their full potential. Facilitate their social life, especially in generating integrated contexts. Appropriating urban spaces as spaces for openness, dialogue, meeting citizenship. Thus, to encourage new models of thinking towards disability.
The YOUTH URBAN ACTION project aims to exchange good practices and generate new solutions. The European organizations involved will thus have more tools to facilitate integrated youth aggregation. Relocate the relationship to the center and socialization opportunities that overcome the obstacles of intrusiveness, invisibility, and obstacles of intrusiveness, invisibility, and hostility, thanks to guided experiences. The merit of an education in social life that includes diversity in one’s own experience. The urban space, like a square, a park, a public building can thus become the theater of events where young people with special needs cannot meet. Affirm your identity, communicate without preconceptions, and be facilitated in this.
TARGET GROUPS: Youth workers and managers; Leader of youth centers; Responsibility of disabled youth organizations; Disabled young people
BENEFICIARIES: Disabled young people; Youth volunteers, members of youth organization; Student bodies, members of youth Council; Youth organization with disabilities and informal youth communities; Youth NGOs -Policymakers; EU disability/youth organizations
The project will, therefore, create the following educational resources open as INTELLECTUAL
Nr.1 Manual of good practices of integrated urban youth actions
Nr.1 Video documentary with interviews
EXPECTED IMPACT On the youth community:
– Develop a greater understanding of disability
– Increased opportunities for socializing among peers
– New aggregation and inclusion tools On young workers/leaders:
– Promote greater awareness of aggregation opportunities and active methodologies in urban
– Provide a guide on how and what to promote in urban spaces with young disabled people
– Help them identify innovative solutions to improve the social life of young disabled people
The duration will be 24 months. It provides for both the exchange of good practices between European organizations and the opportunity to devise new non-formal education solutions in urban spaces.