Project “Psy Health Development-Psy HD” 2018-1-BG01-KA104-047182 Erasmus +


Project “Psy Health Development-Psy HD” , funded under ErasProject “Psy Health Development-PsyHD”mus+ Project “Psy Health Development – PsyHD” 2018 Key action 1 – “Adult Education” Duration of the project: 12 months (01.06.2018 – 31.05.2019) The leading organization of the project is the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria, which is a non-governmental organization with the aim to support the development of specialists in the sphere of psychology, social activities and education. The project “Psy Health Development- PsyHD” focuses on ways to spread good practice and broaden the expertise of formal and informal learning experts with new competences in the field of mental health, group work and leadership. The implementation of mental health methodologies and programs in school networks and in marginalized communities. Main objectives of the project: • To develop key skills and improve the professional competence of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria. • To improve their knowledge, skills and personal competences to work with elderly people and people at risk through innovative trainings, including in other EU Member States. • To exchange good practice on mental health and counseling with an already established company at European level.

The main activities are:

• Organization and management of the project;

• Preliminary preparation of applicants for the mobility;

• Implementation of the mobility in Greece: – Practical courses and trainings in other EU Member States.

Topics to be considered during the mobility are:

1.Internet use in psychologist’s work

2.Online training and eLearning

3.Pedagogical and psychological support of social workers

4.Prevention of psychological problems

5.Professional burnout – ways to avoid it

6.Psychological counseling

7.Psychological health

8.Social dialog

9.Social innovations

10.Tackling stress

• Information and publicity.

The number of participants in the mobility in our partner organization in Greece will be 14 experts and volunteers of the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria. The duration of the mobility is 12 days, which includes a 10-day course and 2 days for travel.

The present project is funded under the Erasmus Program and the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria is fully responsible for the content of this document and under no circumstances can it be considered as an official position of the European Union and the National Agency.