Roma Matrix – Mutual Action Targetting Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia

европейски съюз 2 рома матрикс

The aim of Roma Matrix is to combat racism, intolerance and xenophobia towards Roma and increase integration though a programme of action across Europe.Roma Matrix is a partnership of 19 organisations in 10 EU member states which contain 85% of the European Union’s Roma populations. The unique cross-sector partnership includes local and regional authorities, NGOs/ civil society, private organisations and a university. Importantly for this project, the partnership includes significant numbers of Roma-led organisations and Roma staff working in other organisations to shape the direction of the work, provide a voice and ensure that it is not ‘for the Roma, without the Roma’. In order to achieve the aims of the project, Roma Matrix has four broad but interconnected themes (workstreams):

• Research and Understanding
• Reporting, Redress and Support
• Combating Racism Through Inclusion
• Public Media Ca

Partners: National network of mediators , the Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria , Regional Administration of Varna ( Bulgaria ); IQ Roma Service , Civil Association ( Czech Republic ); Action Synergy SA ( Greece ) Children’s Association , Roma civil association , a public benefit foundation “Wheel of the Future” (Hungary) , the Municipality of Bologna ( Italy) Emilia Romagna ( Italy) Roma Cultural and Community Association (Poland ) Roma Women Association in Romania, the Association of friends of children from children’s homes ” smile as a gift ” (Slovakia ), Maranatha Federation of Roma associations ( Spain ) City Council ” Glasgow ” City Council Rothery , Social Marketing Gateway; University of Salford (UK).

Roma Matrix has a long collaborative projects with Roma at local and national level and providing European level. The partnership provides the best way to implement activities to meet local needs, as many organizations will offer different perspectives, approaches and understanding .. The key activities of the Roma Matrix is the development of networks that will increase the scope of the project and work together much more widespread than just a formal partnership . The project will have a significant impact in each country and will affect the whole of Europe. It enables you to understand the range of approaches to similar activities that work together to develop products and provide best practices applicable to all organizations and Member States.